The Untold Fact Of Mister Mind

The Untold Fact Of Mister Mind

Mister Mind’s return to the DC Universe in wake of Crisis was first hinted at in Roy Thomas’ Shazam! It closed with a defeated Dr. Sivana hiding out and consuming tequila in a Mexican dive bar. He ponders how he’ll defeat Captain Marvel when he sees a worm within the bottle and has the concept of utilizing it as a weapon towards the hero. An escaped Mister Mind, hungry for revenge, assembled a new, smaller group which included Doctor Sivana, his evil children Georgia and Sivana Jr, and Ibac. They attempted to attack the Marvel Family – Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. – with a death ray that created “dream” monsters using first evil ideas and later the nightmares of Uncle Marvel.

A hobbyist chef, Drew enjoys the company of his associate, his parrot, and his philodendron. Eventually, DC purchased the Shazam characters outright, and after restructuring their universe within the ’80s, they included them into the DC Universe proper. That led to the 1995 launch of The Power of Shazam, which gave the Shazam household a modern replace while still retaining some retro components. Retro parts like, say, Mr. Mind’s ridiculously high body rely. A villain resurrecting from the dead is hardly out of the ordinary in comics today, but Mister Mind’s return to comics took virtually 30 years. It was partly as a result of a decline in popularity for superhero comics, but additionally resulted from a lawsuit from the company that would turn into DC, who had seen that the Big Red Cheese had quite a lot of similarities to their flagship character.

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Two many years later, DC acquired the license to publish a new collection, and Shazam returned to comics, together with a few of his more notable foes. To make issues worse, this story came out during a mercifully brief interval when Shazam had a particularly regrettable sidekick named Steamboat, a minstrel show stereotype that is offensively exaggerated even by the requirements of the time. Considering that Shazam has all the time appealed to youthful readers, it makes sense that DC would not be in a hurry to have that kind of story brought again with a load of fanfare, even with an acknowledgment of its issues. No matter how important “Monster Society” could be, there are plenty of other nice Shazam tales they may put back into print as an alternative. As was the case for lots of media during World War II, including loads of infamous Superman, Batman, and Captain America comics, Captain Marvel Adventures included Japanese characters that have been grotesquely exaggerated to the point of being shown with fangs. While the way forward for the bigger DC Extended Universe has quite a lot of big question marks, one beacon shining brilliant proper now within the franchise is Shazam!

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As you may think, this didn’t exactly invite Mister Mind to develop positive emotions concerning the superhero. The current model of Mister Mind, launched by Jerry Ordway in his Power of Shazam! sequence, is a worm from the planet Venus, possessing powers which embody thoughts control, telepathy, and mental image projection. This Mind is the one survivor of a race of mind-controlling Venusian worms, and irregularly seems in DC Universe stories looking for hosts and/or clone himself.

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